The “Colonel’s” Three-Peat

Purina Performance Horse News took some time to catch up with Jake Long and visit about 2018 AQHA Heel Horse of the Year, a 2004 Sorrel Gelding named Zans Colonel Shine. This is the third year in a row “Colonel” has earned the prestigious horse of the year title, a feat of its own. Jake and Colonel will be making the trip to the WNFR in Las Vegas, NV and we are lucky to be considered a part of their team.

Jake Long and Colonel competing at the 2017 WNFR with partner & fellow ambassador Luke Brown.


P: What does it mean to have Colonel be voted as “Horse of the Year” by your peers?

J: I’ve been using the same response for everyone because really, there’s no other way to describe it. Honestly, it’s a huge honor to have everybody view my horse as the best one going with so many other great horses on the road. I’m very gracious and trying to stay humble, it truly means a lot that others think so highly of my horse.

P: How long have you rode and competed on Colonel?

J: I got Colonel from Dixon Flowers Rope Horses back in 2010 and he has been my main horse since 2012.

Jake Long and Luke Brown in the victory lap after the round win at the 2017 WNFR

P: What are some of the differences or results you have noticed feeding Purina throughout the year?

J: I feel like when I feed Purina my horses both look better and feel better. I don’t have to be worried about colic issues because I can really trust the research Purina puts into their products. I personally don’t blanket my horses and the energy and nutrients in their feed keeps them looking good.

P: Can you give us a break-down of Colonel’s daily feed program?

J: I have fed Strategy Health Edge for several years now. My horses get a scoop of healthy edge and a flake of alfalfa twice a day, morning and night. On the road, I will feed more alfalfa. I also feed Simple Equine supplements with Purina and I believe this is a good combination to keep joints moving good and keeping everything rolling.

P: What is Colonel’s favorite Purina treat?

J: Colonel’s favorite treat is the Apple & Oats flavor that comes in the green bag.

We wish Jake & Colonel the best of luck heading into the 2018 WNFR! #FeedGreatness

Jake Long at the 2017 WNFR Back Number Ceremony

About Purina Performance Horse

Feed Greatness®: It’s our commitment at Purina. It’s why we do what we do.
And when it comes down to it, words aren’t needed. Feeding greatness speaks for itself. You can see it in bright eyes. You can touch it in shiny coats. You can measure it in healthy pounds.
We could go on and on about what makes our feed great. 125 years of research and innovation. Our team of 70 PhDs working in the field with animals every day. Our experts all across the U.S.
We could. But why would we? Because if there’s greatness on the inside, it shows on the outside.
Animals speak louder than words™.Purina Performance Horse is geared towards the competitive rider looking for an edge. Get nutritional insight from our team of PhD Equine Nutritionists and follow our Purina Ambassador team as they compete in equestrian events across the country. Take your game (and horse!) to next level with Purina.



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